Commercial Air Source Heat Pump vs. Household Heat Pump

By transferring energy from air, the air source heat pump technology is featured with its low operation cost, energy efficiency, environmental protection, great heating effect, guaranteed safety, etc. It has been widely used in houses, hotels, spa centers, villas, schools, resorts and other places. According to the current audience analysis of air source heat pumps, they can be categorized into commercial air source heat pump and domestic air source heat pump. Many users might be curious about the distinction between these two types. Is it just the difference of application place? Let’s take a look.

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Capacity & Volume

Because they are used in large-scale places, commercial air source heat pumps are generally models with relatively high heating capacity and large volume. Multiple units are usually installed together on the roof or the ground. In contrast, household heat pumps have low heating capacity and small volume. Since they are lightweight, the installation method is flexible. In addition to the roof or ground, household heat pumps can also be mounted on the wall like an air conditioner unit. Therefore, when choosing the installation location of a domestic air source heat pump unit, the primary consideration should be taken on how to reduce the installation cost.


Shape & Structure

The commercial heat pump unit, because of its large heating capacity and long operation time, has relatively loose space structure and practical appearance, while the domestic heat pump unit is generally compact with a pleasing look. However, household heat pumps cannot blindly pursue compactness at the expense of high efficiency.


Water Tanks

The water tanks equipped with commercial heat pumps belong to large non pressure centralized hot water tanks, and maintenance manholes and ventilation protection openings must be reserved. Due to the needs of the project, there must be more testing and installation holes. As for household heat pump, you can choose a sealed water tank with better pressure insulation. This is a unique advantage of domestic heat pump. We should pay attention to the heat preservation of hot water pipe fittings to reduce heat loss and improve efficiency.


Heating Mode

At present, most domestic air source heat pump use the cycle heating way. In addition to cycle heating, the commercial air source heat pumps apply constant heating in many situations.


Control System

Commercial heat pump has professional technicians to maintain and operate, so the control function is relatively comprehensive. Setting corresponding parameters in different environments can maximize energy saving. On the other hand, the control function of domestic heat pump is relatively simple. When the environment changes, it is undoubtedly not the best operation mode, which reduces the efficiency.


Water Usage

It seems that there are various ways of water usage for commercial heat pumps, but in fact, it is either 24-hour all-weather water use or water use in different periods. On the contrary, domestic water is more random, with relatively fixed water demand, 24-hour all-weather water demand, and occasionally excessive water demand. But home heat pump has a very good advantage: whether there is a large amount of water can be determined 1 hour ago, and generally the domestic air source heat pump can heat the required water to the set temperature within 1 hour.


Post time: Jul-29-2020
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