Guide to the Selection of Air Source Household Heat Pumps

Air source household heat pumps are more and more widely used in the water heater and HVAC markets due to their energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. As a kind of new energy product, air to water heat pumps perplex consumers with many questions, such as price, operating cost, heating capacity, COP, warranty, etc.

After serious considerations, many consumers decide to choose air water heat pump for heating. They realize the importance of choosing an air source household heat pump with the right heating capacity, in addition to energy efficiency, supplier and warranty.


Heating Capacity

What factors should be considered in the selection of the right heating capacity?


One is the cooling load in summer and heating load in winter. There are many factors affecting the cooling and heating load, such as the area, building conditions, etc. More detailed calculation needs to be determined according to the specific situation. Generally, the heating capacity per square meter in the community is about 70-80w.


Second, the size of the actual heating area. In order to fit your heating needs, the actual heating area is very important in the selection process, in addition to the number of rooms, which rooms are installed with floor heating, etc.


Third, it is the heat preservation of the house. For the users who have used floor heating, this problem is easy to understand; for regular houses built by residents, the walls are thin, and there is no external wall insulation, so the heat loss is too fast. For such a situation, you should select a higher capacity heat pump. However, it is suggested that wall insulation should be done first, or the subsequent power consumption will increase.


When purchasing air source heat pump, you can calculate the area of your house, evaluate its thermal insulation and specify the heating load. After that, users can provide relevant information so that the heat pump supplier can suggest the right air source heat pump models.


Heat Pump Manufacturer

The market of air source heat pump is full of many brands and different grades of products. Therefore, if you want to choose the right heating equipment, the most important thing is to choose a professional heat pump manufacturer. If a heat pump supplier has no technological strengths, there will be little guarantee of quality and efficiency since the production of air source heat pumps require a certain degree of R&D capabilities in this field.


Coefficient of Performance

Whether the product is energy-saving highly depends on its COP. The operation cost of air source heat pump is a matter of concern to many users. When you buy air source heat pump products, you can first look at their energy efficiency. In the current market, official air source heat pump products normally have an energy efficiency label on the units. We can judge whether the product is energy saving or not based on its COP.




Post time: Jul-29-2020
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